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Delivering expertise in marketing,
creative, technology, and
entrepreneurial consulting.

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We do things differently

We give brands access to their own team of growth experts that operate as an extension of the company. Working as a collective unit that operates broadly across marketing, technology, and business consulting, we're able to focus our attention on the areas that matter most.

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We only make money if your business makes money

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Growth Team

For a brand to break through in 2022, it requires a full-team with diverse expertise to snap-in and accelerate growth

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Behavior Change

We create resilient and beloved brands by tapping into behavior change models that unlock the ability to engage with consumers and inspire action

A model that scales with growth

Whether you're just starting out or looking to accelerate growth, Function Growth helps brands drive to product-market fit and continuously optimize to keep scaling.

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Tested & proven

Where other marketing vendors haphazardly use the term "partner", Function Growth redefines partnership by sitting on the Board of the vast majority of our client partners and holding equity in 90% of those we help scale.

Don't just take our word for it—look at the brands that have trusted us to grow their businesses.


Our team

Our team of industry experts are with you every step of the way as proactive partners with shared goals and values.

Michael Aaron Flicker

MichaelAaron Flicker


Kyle Hoffman

Kyle Hoffman

Director of Growth Strategy

Brian Russell

Brian Russell

Managing Director

Toni Racioppo

Toni Racioppo

Director of Performance Media

Nadeem Manzoor

Nadeem Manzoor

Director of Innovation & Analytics

Aftab Ahmad

Aftab Ahmad

Creative Director


We're a collective team of 30 full-time experts dedicated to every aspect of growth--from strategy to quality assurance and everything between.


Our core skillset

Blending business consulting and leading-edge marketing, Function Growth partners with companies across all consumer touch points to help build thriving brands and drive sustainable growth.

How the product
is designed

Pricing strategy

How the product
becomes a brand

Brand Identity


Marketing research

Brand planning

Internal branding

How the brand
is promoted

Media messaging


Social media

Word of mouth

Digital marketing



Sales collateral

Media relations

How the brand
is sold

Distribution strategies

Shopper marketing


Sales support

How the brand
is experienced

Experience design

User experience

Customer service

Culture handbooks


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