Company culture - What makes Function Growth Unique

Company culture - What makes Function Growth Unique

Brian Russell, Managing Director | August 25 2023

The traditional agency model is dying. It is slow, expensive, and often out of touch with the ever-changing and dynamic demands of your business. 

Driving sustained growth requires in-house, brand-side experts using the right tools to solve the diverse challenges that D2C brands face on a daily basis. 

Businesses desperately need the resources, support, and creative inspiration a robust in-house collective of experienced pros provide. But assembling a dedicated team to support your growth can be slow, tedious, and expensive.

Function Growth was created to fill this gap in the market. We are a snap-in growth team with experts across a wide range of disciplines who can deliver on the dynamic approach required to drive growth for D2C brands from within. 


How Function Growth is Flipping the Script 

We created Function Growth as brand-side growth experts with a desire to flip the script.

We know that growth requires a robust in-house team of brand-side experts who use method-agnostic problem solving to solve the diverse challenges that D2C brands face on a daily basis, but how can an agency achieve this balance? The traditional siloed agency model simply will not work. For true growth to occur, agency collaboration must be a well orchestrated effort that comes from within the brand. 

How do we achieve this? Through the “SNAP-IN” model.

Also called the “fractional” model, our “snap-in” executive model provides founders with a cost-effective way to ensure their brands are ready for launch—setting them up for long term success from day one. 

In recent years, we’ve watched as agencies profit off the back of a struggling D2C industry. The agency model doesn’t work because it creates misaligned incentives; most agency’s economic incentives are the opposite of yours. 

With Function Growth’s snap-in model, our remuneration is based on commission, ensuring our commitment to your growth goals. In return, the Function Growth team becomes a “snap-in” C-suite, a viable and cost-effective alternative to full time staff that provides you with full time expertise at a fraction of the cost.


Snap-In to Success

Brands used to be able to skate by with a decent product and mediocre advertising, knowing that consumers didn’t have much choice when it came to making purchases. But today’s consumer is smarter, works harder, and has a greater ability to seek out the best of the best. The laissez faire approach to brand growth is no longer making the grade.

Today, growth requires cutting edge technology, an obsessive pursuit of product-market fit, persistent content creation, and so much more. All of that means that it’s difficult, if not impossible, for new brands to effectively establish themselves in the marketplace. The breadth of requirements make it difficult for a single person or small team to succeed, but the nimbleness required makes it impossible for agencies to work effectively.

The solution? Partnering with a snap-in team. Function Growth brings in-house experts to tackle the biggest challenges that D2C brands face. 

We combine our one-of-a-kind, snap-in approach with our deep seeded expertise and flexible, creative company culture for an experience that offers brands the best of both worlds, combining the depth of knowledge an in-house C-suite shares with the convenience, flexibility, and creativity of an agency.

Snap-in teams are a new way that successful DTC brands are finding smarter paths toward scale. They're made up of experienced growth experts who work as an extension of your team and are more affordable for early-stage companies than traditional agencies


A Smarter Way to Scale

Function Growth was formed to meet the need for a smarter way to scale. 

We give brands access to their own team of growth experts that operate as an extension of the company. Working as a collective unit that operates broadly across technology, marketing, and business consulting, we’re able to focus our attention on the areas that matter most.

At the core of this deep collaboration are two things that are central to the Function Growth model: zero-profit compensation and the use of a global distributed workforce.

We believe in our partners. This relationship of trust and collaboration is critical to our mission—and that’s why we’ve adopted a unique method of compensation that works better for us both.

In order to create an environment for mutual success, Function Growth operates exclusively on zero-profit compensation models with revenue share and equity deals. As true strategic partners we believe in integration, taking on internal leadership roles with over 95% of our clients. Whether we succeed, or struggle, we do it together.

Because we prioritize talent over geographical proximity, Function Growth boasts a diverse team of over 30 members hailing from 10 countries and spanning across 12 time zones. Our use of talent-focused hiring enables us to tap into the best skill sets globally. This freedom from location constraints broadens our access to exceptional professionals.

Where Collaboration Meets Technology

Why do we call our workforce distributed, rather than remote? We intentionally avoid the term "remote" to foster a sense of connectedness among team members, irrespective of their physical location. There's nothing remote about the way we function as a team! Despite the geographical dispersion of our individual team members, we actively cultivate a culture of camaraderie and inclusivity.

Our distributed workforce model allows us to embrace innovative collaboration tools, creating an expertise we bring to collaboration with your team. We constantly explore and test the latest tools, such as, Zoom (with video encouraged for valuable face-to-face interactions), Cozy, and AI technologies, to enhance collaboration and maintain connectivity across borders. 

Through a process of trial and error, we determine which tools work best for us, bringing our expertise to our conversations with your team members. We’re able to use technology to build strong bonds from day one, making the Function Growth snap-in C-suite truly feel like part of your team.

Our methodology is driven by the idea that technology-enabled commerce that puts human behavior, desires, aspirations, and beliefs at its core is the only way for brands to move the needle in 2023. 

As we rely on technology to connect us more than ever, we remain committed to the understanding that our shared humanity is what truly binds us together—and excited to explore the tools that allow us to do just that!

Wherever the challenges of building your brand take us, Function Growth is committed to doing things differently. Our unique business model allows us to show up for you when it matters most, creating the ideal conditions for growth, and blending the best qualities of agency expertise and in house C-suite commitment.