Function Growth Wins AdAge Newcomer Agency of the Year: Celebrating Growth and Innovation!

Function Growth Wins AdAge Newcomer Agency of the Year: Celebrating Growth and Innovation!

AdAge | August 03 2023


At Function Growth, we are thrilled to announce that we have been honored with the prestigious AdAge 2023 Newcomer Agency of the Year award! This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone in our journey and is a testament to our commitment to driving growth, innovation, and client success.

From Basement Vision to Leading Force:

Function Growth was born from a vision in a basement, driven by a passion for helping Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands unlock their true potential. Over time, our company has transformed into a dynamic and skilled team of brand-growth experts. We pride ourselves on our ability to seamlessly integrate with DTC companies, leveraging behavioral science to propel their growth strategies.

Unlocking Success through Behavioral Science:

At the heart of our approach lies the power of behavioral science. By delving into the intricacies of consumer psychology, we gain invaluable insights that shape our campaigns and resonate deeply with target audiences. Our aim is to foster increased brand engagement, drive exceptional results, and unlock the true potential of our client's brands.

Not Your Typical Agency:

Function Growth stands out in the industry for several reasons. We believe in going beyond the traditional agency-client relationship. As true partners, we embed ourselves within our clients' organizations, working closely with their leadership teams. Our nimble approach and broad range of expertise allow us to adapt our services, ensuring we address the unique challenges faced by each brand.

Celebrating the Remarkable Team Behind Function Growth's Success:

We owe our success to the incredible team that makes Function Growth what it is today. Their talent, dedication, and passion for driving growth and delivering exceptional results have propelled us to new heights. We are immensely proud of their achievements, diverse expertise, and solution-agnostic mindset. This award is a testament to their unwavering commitment, hard work, and innovative spirit. Thank you to our outstanding team for consistently going above and beyond, embracing challenges, and exceeding expectations. Together, we will continue to drive growth, innovate, and shape the advertising industry.

Shared-Risk-and-Reward: Our Success is Your Success:

At Function Growth, we measure our success not by our own achievements, but by the growth and success of the brands we work with. That's why we operate on shared-risk-and-reward compensation models. We are fully invested in our client's success, aligning our incentives with theirs. This unique approach fosters a true sense of partnership, collaboration, and a shared commitment to achieving remarkable outcomes.

Celebrating AdAge Newcomer Agency of the Year:

Receiving the AdAge Newcomer Agency of the Year award is a tremendous honor for us. It acknowledges the talent, dedication, and innovation of our remarkable team. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for their trust and collaboration, as well as to the AdAge team for recognizing our contributions to the industry.

Looking Towards the Future:

This award signifies the beginning of an even more exciting chapter for Function Growth. We remain steadfast in our commitment to driving growth, pushing boundaries, and unlocking new possibilities for DTC brands. With every success, we gain further momentum, allowing us to innovate, disrupt, and shape the future of the advertising landscape.

Join Us in Celebration:

We invite you to join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement. Stay tuned for more insights, success stories, and industry knowledge as we continue to share our expertise through our newsletter. Together, let's unlock the limitless possibilities of growth and create exceptional brand experiences.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to an even more exciting future ahead!

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